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Hi. Thanks for visiting my site. I built it (with the help of my friend @kopperwoman) to showcase great work that my clients and other progressive activists are doing and also highlight stuff that I think is generally cool.

I am especially interested in communicating credible responses to climate change and in the ways that effective leaders use media to drive a policy agenda. I love books, animals, gadgets of all kinds and New York City. I take pictures, mostly in cities, and include some of them on this site. If you’d like to see more of my photos, please visit my Instagram profile or my Flickr photostream.

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From 2007 until 2012 I was president of my own communications consultancy called Make Waves (Not Noise). In 2012 I was offered the opportunity to spend the summer in Hong Kong leading a group of graduate students who were doing internships in pro-democracy and migrant rights organizations.  So I closed my business and went off to China, where I had great fun and confirmed my long-held admiration for the Chinese people and their culture. Now I do solo consulting for nonprofit groups and teach courses in media, nonprofit management and leadership at The New School, a progressive university in NYC.

If you’re interested in knowing more about my work, please visit my LinkedIn profile,  my SlideShare portfolio or my Facebook page.  And please follow me on Twitter @BonnieMcEwan.


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  1. Bonnie,

    I Hope all is well – I came across your website on your Amazon Reviewer profile. My name is Daniel Forrester; I am a technology enthusiast and non-fiction writer (and a fellow New Yorker :), and I have recently published my latest book, “Bitcoin Exposed: Today’s Complete Guide to Tomorrow’s Currency”. As the title indicates, the book explains the ins and outs of Bitcoin, the new online “crypto-currency” that has been gaining popularity. I co-wrote this book with Mark Solomon, a financial blogger who maintains the blog financialsurvivalcenter.com.

    I saw you are a Top Reviewer on Amazon and that you are interested in reading about digital technology. I was wondering if you would be interested in reading and writing a review for this book (it isn’t overly technical). I could send you a free copy of the ebook if interested.

    Here is the Amazon link:

    Obviously there is no pressure and if you are not interested I completely understand.
    Let me know if you would be interested,

    Thanks and Kindest Regards,
    Daniel Forrester

  2. Love the new website…and all your posts on Facebook/LinkedIn. Continue to share all the great info you come across, I really appreciate it.

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    Great to know you from Amazon top reviewers list.

    We have some listings (electronics) on Amazon.com and would like to know if you would like to try/test our products (complimentary free of charge) and write reviews for the products?

    If you do, we’ll email product links for you to review and choose.

    Thank you.

    Amazon Seller.

    • Sure, Jack. I will look at your products. You may email me at — bmcewan(at)nyc.rr.com.

      Thank you for thinking of me!


  4. Dear Bonnie

    Judging from your Amazon profile, you might be interested to read my debut novel dealing with evolution/Neanderthals, the science fiction thriller ANCESTOR. A full description is available on my Amazon site (link below).

    If you’re interested, I’ll email you the Kindle/mobi file (no obligations).

    Kind Regards
    Raymond Steyn

    Link to my Amazon page below


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