The Only Checklist You Need for Really Good Email Design [Infographic]

Use this comprehensive email-creation checklist to make sure the copy, imagery, layout, and coding of your emails result in a great email that helps your email campaigns succeed. Check it out!

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Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of generating support. Make sure your emails are designed to elicit clicks.

3 Simple but Effective Photo-Editing Tricks

Want to create better photos? Consumer Reports shares three simple photo-editing tricks to help you crop, color correct, and heighten the contrast in your images.

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The built-in photo editor in Instagram is my favorite. Here’s a good article on how to use three of the edit features that will give your pictures more impact. My personal tip: Try out the feature called “Sharpen” too. It’s great for those times when your focus is a bit soft. 

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit Organization’s Visibility

Nonprofit organizations can expand their reach and appeal to new audiences by using these 3 cost-effective strategies for promotion and visibility.

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Three good, simple ideas to extend the outreach efforts of your charity or community group. This is especially good for small organizations with limited budgets.