Social Media for Photographers Part 2 – How to Market your Photography Business

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Tumblr, Google+, 500pixels, Flickr… so many choices, so little time…. where should you pos

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Instagram is great for showing off your photos. especially if you want to reach a global audience. It has a higher than average international mix. 

Accountable to Who(m) Exactly? Environmental and Energy Rulemaking in the Age of Trump

My discomfort with the largely Republican reform measures of H.R. 5 and H.R. 26/S.21 is the seeming refusal to undertake a dispassionate and measured review leading to proposed recommended revisions. The presumptions—that federal regulatory actions are capricious, dismissive of the costs incurred by the private sector and more appropriately the purview of the industries being regulated—are an over generalization.

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